Road Construction Accidents

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Road Construction Accidents

If you’ve driven through South Florida recently, chances are, you’ve driven through a road construction zone. (And by recently, we mean just about any time since 1945, especially at rush hour.) While the state is trying to help drivers by repairing or improving our roadways and infrastructure, these road construction projects can put motorists at risk for serious car accidents and other injuries.
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Common Issues

Work zone hazards and road construction accidents are a significant problem in Florida, typically due to the negligence of the local government, construction company, workers, or the property manager. Common issues include:


Improper construction zone warning signs


Confusing construction detour signs


Forcing drivers to make unsafe detours


Dangerous construction equipment on the roadway


Hazardous pavement conditions


Defective medians or guardrails


Improper pedestrian crossings


Failing to maintain the completed roadway

A road construction accident can lead to serious, sometimes even fatal, injuries. The injured drivers can face thousands of dollars in property damage, medical bills, and lost income.
Roadside Construction Accident Claim

What will happen if you have it?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a road construction accident, please reach out to Lady Justice Injury Law for help.

We will hold the at-fault party – whether that be the city, construction company, or another individual – accountable for causing your physical and emotional harm. Our firm also will fight to secure the maximum compensation for your damages.
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