Car Crash Accident

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Car Crash Accident

Car accidents can happen in a split second. All it takes is one moment of driver inattention, or a delayed reaction, and a safe roadway turns into an accident zone.  Even the most careful drivers cannot avoid the recklessness of other motorists.  According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, in 2019 alone, there were more than 152,000 injury crashes on such busy Florida interstates as I-4, I-10, I-75, and I-95.

A serious auto accident can leave you with injuries, both mental and physical, that last a lifetime. Victims deal with chronic pain, physical limitations, emotional distress, loss of income and earning potential, plus extensive medical bills.  Recovering from your injuries, missing time at work, and dealing with insurance companies can make the aftermath of a car accident extremely challenging. Lady Justice Injury Law understands. We’re here to help with your personal injury claims so you can focus on your recovery

Car Crash Accident Attorney

Car Crash Accident Cases

Our law firm can help with a number of different types of car accident cases, including:


Distracted Driving Accidents


Drunk Driving Accidents


Fatal Collisions


Head-On Collisions


High-Speed Collisions


Hit and Run Accidents


Multi-Car Accidents


Rear-End Collisions




Side-Impact Accidents


Side-Swipe Accidents


T-bone Collisions


Vehicle Defect Accidents

A person who is seriously injured in a car accident will likely have to deal with those injuries for the rest of their lives.

Catastrophic Injury Claim

What will happen if you have it?

If you’re in this position, you cannot afford to work with an inexperienced attorney. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to fight for justice.

At Lady Justice Injury Law, we are highly skilled in handling complex medical cases. We will build your case, deal with the insurance companies, and protect your rights in court. We genuinely care about our clients and want to make sure they receive the medical attention and financial compensation they deserve.

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