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Class Action

A class action is a lawsuit that’s brought on behalf of a large group of people who were all injured in a similar way, by the same person or corporation. Class action cases can cover everything from product liability, to banking and securities fraud, to unfair employment. These suits can be brought on a statewide or nationwide basis, depending on the facts of the case. Often, if the cases involve hundreds or thousands of victims, the plaintiffs may be consolidated into multi-district litigation (MDL) that’s handled by one designated district court.

Class Action Lawsuit Attorney


Just about any civil tort claim can become a class action lawsuit if enough people are affected by the negligence or wrongdoing of others. For a judge to certify a claim as a class action, it must meet the following conditions:


With the large number of victims, it would be impractical to handle all of the claims on an individual level


All of the claims must share a common question of law


The class representatives have claims that are typical compared to the rest of the class, and they fairly represent the interests of the class

Class actions are one of the most powerful tools that a consumer has to level the playing field with large corporations who prioritize million- or billion-dollar profits over their customers’ or employees’ well-being.

What will happen if you have it?

At Lady Justice Injury Law, we put in the hard work and preparation to obtain damages for the class members who have been wronged.

We have experience in the complexities of class action litigation and have successfully handled class actions involving tobacco, banking, and automobile recalls. To discuss your case and whether it can be brought as a class-action lawsuit, please reach out to us at Lady Justice Injury Law.

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