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I am a personal injury attorney who isn’t afraid to fight for justice and hold those accountable for your pain.

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Medical Malpractice Case

$38.5 Million

A Broward County jury has awarded more than $28.5 million to a Lauderdale Lakes man who suffered an incapacitating injury after undergoing a “manipulation under anesthesia”, and another $10 million to the man’s two daughters.

Racing Accident Case

$1 Million

Despite signing liability waivers, former mud racer left in a wheelchair after crashing into a bulldozer reaches a $1 million settlement.

About Us

Why Lady Justice?

Lady Justice applies to our firm itself – one of the first personal injury law practices founded and run by women. But it also refers to one of our country’s most recognizable symbols of law and the courts.

We’re all familiar with her, even if we don’t give her much thought: Lady Justice, the emblem of the modern American justice system. A blindfolded woman holding a scale in one hand, and a sword pointed down in the other.  Balanced and impartial. Armed with authority. Blind to corruption and influence.

Her legend predates our legal system by thousands of years, harkening back to the crusading titans and goddesses of ancient Greece. The sword, the balanced scales, the wisdom and fairness, all were there from the beginning. Surprisingly, it’s only the blindfold that came later. A symbol of impartiality, perhaps, but maybe also of naivete and suppression. Of blindness to reality.

We live in an unjust world, where corruption and intimidation often prevails, and the scales can be drastically tipped against us.  It can feel daunting, or even hopeless, to seek justice when you’ve been harmed, or wronged, and are at your most vulnerable point. At our firm, we believe in advocacy over impartiality. We align ourselves with the ideals of the true Lady Justice. Passionate crusaders, armed with wisdom and experience. Ready to seek justice. Ready to dispense justice.

Sword raised. Eyes open.

Our Approach

The Price Of Justice

You’ve suffered a terrible tragedy, and now you want – and deserve – justice. But you’re afraid that going to war against those responsible will cost even more than you’ve already lost. Also, “justice,” at this point, might seem like a naive platitude. Nothing can ever restore the loss you’ve suffered, or undo the pain you’ve endured. So what does “justice” look like, then? And what would it cost you if we take up your cause and fight for it? 

The fastest answer to the first question is simple: “Justice,” in one significant measure, is money.  Civil Justice pays what are called “damages”: monetary compensation directly from the person (or corporation) who wronged you. Ideally, enough money to make them feel it. To hurt them, and to help you. Nothing can replace what you’ve lost, but by penalizing the people responsible, you obtain the well-deserved resources you need to take care of yourself for the rest of your life.

Also, lawsuits and awards of damages can help prevent tragedies from happening to others. Because of the literal and figurative cost they inflict, such verdicts and penalties can change company behavior and make products safer.


What does it cost you to hire us?

Nothing. If we agree to take your case, we don't earn a single cent until you get paid. Until we win.

Our incentives and responsibilities are directly tied to the outcome of your case, not the process leading up to it. We front the extensive resources it takes to mount the legal battle.  We dedicate hours and the research and the personnel, knowing that we wouldn’t have taken your case if we didn’t believe we could win. We work purely on a contingency basis, with all fees contingent upon a favorable recovery.

Every case we take on is more than a job to us. It’s personal.

The only commitment we request upfront is that of your trust and partnership.  We need to be a team, forging a long-haul relationship as we head into a hard-fought battle, side by side.  You become part of our lives, and we become part of yours.

Our Awards

Stay Updated & Ready

Lady Justice is always staying tuned in to that latest breaking news. Checkback frequently to see if there is any news that could impact your case.

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