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The Lady Justice

Lady Justice Injury Law advocates for people who are hurt, who need help, and who can’t always afford to pay for the same experts and researchers and high-priced corporate counsel their adversaries are armed with. You’ve heard of “big tobacco,” “big auto,” “big tech,” “big pharma.” They’re called “big” for a reason, and their resources can seem limitless. But these are the dragons we are determined to slay at Lady Justice: companies that put profits over people, shares over safety, bottom lines over human beings. So even if our firm is underestimated as the underdog, we eagerly enter the ring, unintimidated. (And we happen to have a remarkable track record of winning.)
Our Selection Process

Challenging Cases

The cases we opt to take on are challenging. We leave the easy lay-ups and the safe bets to firms who have no appetite for risk and therefore cause no meaningful impact with their triumphs.  So, while we can never guarantee a victory, we can guarantee that we will eat, sleep, and breathe your case. That we’ll make every possible sacrifice. And leave everything on the field.  

This means, however, that we can only take on so many cases at once.  We dedicate our time with no upfront fees, and we put our own money into the war chest.  So every case has to be something we believe in passionately.  Our attorneys want to hear your story.  And if our firm is not the right kind of litigation advocacy for your specific situation, we have over 15 years of experience working with some of the best lawyers in the state, and are happy to refer you to a more suitable team.  

We're here for you

But if your case is a fit for our expertise, and we are able to take you on, we vow to be a true advocate and partner every step of the way.

A vow backed by experience and testimonials and results. Let us right some wrongs for you. Let us seek justice. Let us show you how Lady Justice can shed her blindfold, balance those scales, and raise her sword.
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