Bicycle Crash Accident

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Bicycle Crash Accident

When a bicycle gets into an accident with a vehicle, the bicycle always loses. Bikes simply do not provide riders with enough protection to withstand the forces of larger, heavier vehicles. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety, there were more than 6,600 bicycle accidents in Florida in 2019, and most of them involved serious injuries or even fatalities.

In South Florida, there are traffic laws and responsibilities that cyclists are expected to follow. These laws are designed to keep cyclists safe and make their actions predictable to other drivers. If bicyclists break those rules, it can put them at risk and affect their ability to recover damages after an accident.

Even when a bicyclist obeys traffic laws and wears protective gear, they still face a much higher risk of injury than those driving a car, truck, or other motorized vehicle. A bicycle accident can land a rider in the hospital with serious injuries, emotional harm, and extensive medical bills. The accident can destroy the rider’s bicycle and cause them to lose time from work. Common bike accident injuries include road rash, fractures, neck and head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and other permanent health problems.

What will happen if you have it?

Hiring a personal injury attorney with bicycle accident experience can help protect your rights and shape your physical and financial future.

At Lady Justice Injury Law, we can help hold the at-fault party responsible for paying any property damage, medical bills, and lost wages. We can also negotiate your claim with the insurance company to make sure that your medical needs are covered. If your bicycle accident case goes to trial, Lady Justice Injury Law will be aggressive advocates, pursuing justice and compensation on your behalf.
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